The meaning of my responsibility to America: essay

The creation and development of civil society is fundamental to many modern nations. And it is not only about countries that are just beginning their path of democratic development – this issue is also relevant for countries that have long begun to implement civil and democratic values. In this process a special role is played by the understanding of one’s own responsibility for one’s country, which by default should be inherent in every conscientious citizen. Along with write my essay we suggest reading some remarks about responsibility to one’s country and its role in the process of creating a democratic society.

What does a democratic society consist of?

Many important and interesting things have been said recently about democracy and its principles for building a civil society. This shows that modern society has not yet reached a level of development where democratic values will exist in it by default. It also shows that different social groups care about the process of building an ideal society in which each member feels secure.

But to begin with, it is necessary to understand what values form the basis of civil society. We can agree with the majority opinion that society cannot function without the following values:

  • Social responsibility;
  • Respect for the rule of law;
  • Equality of all before the law;
  • Responsibility to each other;
  • Openness to dialogue;
  • Respect for the opinions of others.

These and other values form the basis of any society, but it is necessary to understand the difference between a civil society and a democratic society. In many ways these concepts are close to each other and are often used interchangeably. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that there is a difference between them. In a democracy, the right of the majority to make important decisions for the benefit of all members of the community always comes first. Civil society considers human and citizen’s rights to be the main value, for the protection of which the law and state bodies are functioning.

It would be more correct to talk about a society in which democratic and civic values represent a single system. And in this system, the notion of responsibility to one’s state should play a fundamental role. In general terms, the state is a system that not only implements social and political values, but also adopts all available legal methods to protect these values. Every member of modern society needs to feel part of something more than just a community that inhabits a certain territory.

Through responsibility to the state, a sense of responsibility to other members of society is also formed, an understanding of one’s own and others’ importance to the development of the state and society as a whole. This understanding should not be formed under pressure – only voluntary acceptance will help to form and instill a sense of responsibility as a common culture in which personal qualities do not take precedence over public ones, nor does public opinion suppress the right to express oneself, one’s thoughts and vision for the further development of the entire state.

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