July 4, 2016


"I believe in Drew's vision, commitment, and call to service on behalf of all of us."Karl Maret
"We need more, young, enthusiastic, and of course, willing people getting involved. I feel very inspired by this man."Michael Curry
"I appreciate Drew's compassionate vision coupled with pragmatic, real-world solutions. What an inspiration."Bliss Billo
"We need a man of integrity."D. Sweeny
"Drew is a leader and collaborator who honors both his own voice and that of others."Paula Leroy
"I am endorsing Drew because he is a progressive candidate."Ellen Kane
"City council needs more progressive members!"Rachmat & Halimah Martin
"I am endorsing Drew because he is representing unity among diversity."Ramona Richard
"Drew is an excellent candidate for the people and addresses the issues that are critical for us to thrive."Olivia Boyce-Abel
"Drew is running to help our community of Santa Cruz. He understands the importance of our constitutional rights."Daniel Sheehan
"Drew has the experience, commitment, energy & vision to bring people together for positive change."April Burns
"He stands for everything that is my core beliefs for humanity."Carol Loewenstein
"He is the fresh voice in politics this city so desperately needs!"Kelsey Hill
"I believe Drew is going to make our community more inclusive and inspire us to take stock in the place we live."Jacob Chapnick
"Drew's creativity and energy will be a bright light for Santa Cruz."Marcia Heath
"I'm endorsing Drew because changing the world starts at home."Sophia Alexandria
"I'm endorsing Drew because changing the world starts at home."Sophia Alexandria
"Drew loves and protects life."Melissa Jullig
"Drew is a perfectly suited to be a voice of leadership and progress that we currently desperately need in Santa Cruz."Christopher Drury
"I believe Drew will advocate for my community more effectively that certain individuals on the current city council."Noah Stid
"Drew is a genuine, hard-working person who brings people together and empowers them."Sarah Durant Smith
"We need affordable housing, greater public transportation, and a safety net for the poorest people among us."Colleen Hilker
"I'm endorsing Drew because of art, public expression, and housing."Isaac Collins
"I am endorsing Drew because I think he has integrity, which is absent in today's city council."Jamie Kirsch
"Drew Glover is an active participant in our community and is always promoting creativity and positivity!"Chelsee Robinson
"Drew is a great organizer and city council needs more progressive voices!"Brett Garrett
"Beautiful vision! Yes!!!!"Rica Smith
"Amazing person who cares about the community."Michael Ziuku
"His vision for Santa Cruz aligns perfectly with what we need and want."Wylie Bird
"I've known Drew for a long time, since we both attended high school together, locally. Drew's passion, drive, vision and compassionate leadership is what's needed in the Santa Cruz city government. It's time for some fresh and young visionaries to take positions of leadership in our city system."Joe Krammer
"I am endorsing Drew because I believe we need a lot of change and Drew has the potential to help make it."Shaun Fox
"Because he stands in what I believe in and is really building his campaign on grassroots effort to create a Community here in Santa Cruz that focuses directly on local impact and is for the people, not just local government."Mike Molda
"He wants to change the situation in Santa Cruz as far as affordable housing goes, sustainability, addressing the needs of the homeless population, and creating a voice for minorities."Abigail Grattidge
"There is a growing need of city officials to listen to the public and deeply consider what is best for every demographic status. I know that Drew can address and help movements for equality, justice, and social resources that so many have been working hard to implement for years."Eleyah Knight
"I've known Drew since he was a student in my Anthropology class at Cabrillo College a few years ago. I've seen him grow as a dynamic community leader who is dedicated to making Santa Cruz a city that works for all its citizens. I heartedly endorse Drew as someone who will move Santa Cruz forward towards a bright future."Dennis Etler
"I want East Side Santa Cruz to be heard"Patricia Pacheco
"Drew exhibits a high degree of integrity and will add a new perspective to the Council"Tom Helman
"Drew really knows about people and Santa Cruz."Doug Williams
"Drew's ready to shake things up in the city council!"Irene O'Connell
"Progressive politics are not easily won. They are fought for. Drew is a fighter for justice and that is why I support him. Let's put him on the council!"Faisal Fazilat
"[We] need diversity on Santa Cruz City Council to make change in system."Sandra Lee
"Grassroots effort & involvement with youth"Edgar Ontiveros
"[Drew is] in touch with residents and community needs."Queenie Jimenez
"[I endorse Drew] because he is a person of color who is very knowledgeable about what issues [people of color] face."Maria Ramos
"[I endorse Drew] because I feel that many of these issues are important to the people of our community."Josh Najmi
"I endorse Dru Glover for city council because of his awareness of issues—social, political, and community. He will be a strong councilmember for the many who are not currently represented on the city council as well as a proponent for pro-small businesses, students and neighborhoods."Christopher Krohn
"I believe he is for the people of Santa Cruz with the highest regards to make it a better place for everyone."Mario Guizar
"Dru brings a new spirit to the council. As a native, he has known the full scope of our issues as a young man, a person of color, and as an adult. He will understand the challenges for young people trying to make it here and trying to make this community everything it can be. "Tim Fitzmaurice
"[I am endorsing Drew] to continue addressing issues important to our community"Zachary Wolinsky
"Great visionary for the community."Javier Hernandez
"We need strong, smart progressive leadership to focus on housing, transportation and sustainability issues. Drew has passion and solutions in these areas."David Dennis
"His concrete solutions to affordable housing are inspiring."Josh Brahinsky
"Drew is an awesome candidate who I am happy to support"Jimmy Heichel
"Trustworthy, forward vision"Nicholas Whitehead
"Energetic!! Represents a new view and brings issues to the forefront, especially about young people that are often left out of the overall narrative"Lisa Johnson
"Intelligence, experience, conscience"Mel Nunez
"He is a leader, smart, kind, compassionate, visionary, integrous, and will create the equality that I wish to see"Esther Frances
"Supports public service programs, METRO programs, and represents youth"Trevor Luxon
"I support Drew because he has expressed support for low-income people."Dan Phillips
"Drew brings a perspective of compassion and collaboration"Karen Shira Belford
"I'm endorsing Drew Glover because of his commitment to those who need our help the most. He is a dedicated and passionate supporter of the community we both grew up in."Erik Eriksen
"Drew is a shaker and mover, and he has his heart in the right place!"Alain Desouches
"[I am endorsing Drew] because he will represent us well!"Anita Heckman
"He seems to be an honest and sincere person who believes in democracy and integrity, something lacking in the present Santa Cruz city council."Drew Lewis
"I believe he will bring awareness and compassion in ways others cant! <3"Carlie Newlander
"Upon first meeting, I knew the man had ethics; gumption; keen, grassroots awareness; earnest inquisitiveness; a happy, positive outlook; and sincere compassion."Barbara Joy Templeton
"Really cool down-to-earth guy"Nathan A Kennedy
"I believe he will be a great representative and work diligently for positive political outcomes for the community. "Amy Ascani
"By the people for the people."Sebastian Manjon
"Drew and I share the same background, dreams and challenges. I had worked by his side in many issues and his honesty and commitment had convinced me that he is the best candidate for Santa Cruz City Council."Ernestina Saldana
"Because we need more progressive voices on the city council -- and it's about time to have communities of color represented first hand!"Ted Altenberg
"He's been a leader ever since high school."Josiah Martin
"I am endorsing Drew because of his platform."Paul J Vogelek
"I am endorsing Drew because of his focus on under-served communities."Max Bryer-Bass
"One of the best for the job!!"Bruce Bratton
"Because of Drew's commitment to environmental/social justice, sustainability, doing something about the increase in living costs - and especially because of his commitment to a climate of compassion."Elena Bermudez
"Commitment to progressive values."Bill Eilfort
"Drew will work hard with the working people of Santa Cruz to help us build and maintain healthy, real neighborhoods."Zeke Bean
"He is true to himself."Alex Ptucha
"He's honest, real, passionate, great poet, articulate, and aware!."Scott Renfer
"Values, experience, bringing groups together."Jane Yett
"4 the people, anti LRDP."Natalie Dybens
"A breath of fresh air - a true progressive!!."Susan Martinez
"I agree with him on all aspects of his platform."Michael Gasser
"I'm endorsing Drew because of his enlightened, energetic and sustained work to support all sectors of our community."Cappy Israel

Endorsers – 2016


  • Santa Cruz for Bernie
  • People’s Democratic Club (PDC) of Santa Cruz County
  • Monterey Bay Central Labor Council (MBCLC)
  • Sierra Club
  • Bike Santa Cruz County
  • Service Employee International Union (SEIU) 521
  • Building and Construction Trades Council
  • UCSC Graduate Students Association

Elected/Appointed officials, past and present:

  • Christopher Krohn – Former Mayor of Santa Cruz, 2001-2002
  • Tim Fitzmaurice – Former Mayor of Santa Cruz, 2000-2001, UCSC and SVSPrison
  • Gertrude Smith – Mayoral Candidate for Seaside, CA
  • Sandy Brown – Santa Cruz City Council Candidate
  • Jane Weed-Pomerantz – Former mayor of Santa Cruz, 1986-1987
  • Celia Scott – Former Mayor of Santa Cruz, 1997-1998
  • Felipe Hernandez – Mayor of Watsonville
  • Bruce Van Allen – Former Mayor of Santa Cruz, 1982-1983 / Candidate for Santa Cruz Board of Education

Our Community:

Cappy Israel – Caregiver & Massage Therapist for IHSS
Monica McGuire
 – Healing Lifestyle Coach, We Are Aptos
Karl Maret – President of Dove Center for Integral Medicine, Dove Health Alliance
Rick Longinotti – Marriage & Family Therapist
Michael Curry – Care Provider for IHSS
Bliss Billo – Caregiver
Paula Leroy – Teacher for SC Learning Abilities, WILPF Branch Council
Ellen Kane – Teacher for PVUSD
Rachmat & Halimah Martin – Consultant
Ramona Richard – Nutritionist for Way of Life
Olivia Boyce-Abel – Mediation
Sara Nelson – Executive Director of the Romero Institute
Daniel Sheehan – President of the Romero Institute
April Burns – Executive Director of Kids On Broadway & Director of Santa Cruz Living Tao, RCNV
Jim Weller – Consultant, Association of Faith Communities, Progressive Christian Forum, Smart Solutions to Homelessness
Carol Loewenstein – Pachamama
Kelsey Hill – UCSC Disability Resource Center, United Nations Association, Project Pollinate, Romero Institute
Jacob Chapnick – Speech Therapist for Cabrillo College Stroke & Disability Center
Marcia Heath – Chair of WILPF, Santa Cruz
Suzanne Williams – Facilitator & Volunteer, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Sophia Alexandria – Santa Cruz for Bernie
Melissa Jullig – Creative Cultures, Santa Cruz for Bernie
D. Sweeny
Christopher Drury – Lead Pastor for Garfield Park Community Church
Joe Williams – Hospital Lab Tech for Dignity Health / Dominican Hospital, SEIU/UHW; RCNV; Former Peace and Freedom congressional candidate, CA-20
Noah Stid – Communications Director for the Romero Institute
Sarah Durant Smith – Bay Photo and the Resource Center for Nonviolence, Sin Barras, Project Pollinate, Garfield Park Christian Church, SURJ’s cheerleader
Otilio “OT” Quintero – Assistant Director of Barrios Unidos
Barbara Joy Templeton
Colleen Hilker – Teacher for Pajaro Valley Unified School District
Allegra David – Teacher & Therapist
Isaac Collins – MC, Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions
Jamie Kirsch – Dental Lab Co-Owner
Shawn Kranitz – Solar Design Tool, Resource Center for Nonviolence
G Shultz – Diversity Center
Bruce Telopa Bigelow – Artist, Telopa Treloky
Kat Factor – Musician, Kat Factor Music
Chelsee Robinson – Bay Area Libraries Entrepreneurial Studies
Brett Garrett
Rica Smith
Michael Ziuku
Betsy Ronzano
Larry Peterson
Adam Freidin – Programmer for Adobe
Laura Rockow – Mom
Gary Rockow
Steve Rogers – Entrepreneur
Michael Mauchessaut
Mark D Lee – Romero Institute
Wylie Bird – Student
Joe Krammer – Business Development for Looker Data Sciences, AmeriCorps
Shaun Fox – Permaculturalist for Love’s Gardens, Homeless Garden Project fruit tree project
Mike Molda – Event/Artist Curator for Cypher Sessions Collective, Project Pollinate
Abigail Grattidge – Tutor for Americorps
Eleyah Knight – Mother and Graduate Student at Five Branches University, March Against Monsanto
Dennis Etler – Instructor at Cabrillo College, Project Pollinate
Patricia Pacheco – Teacher
Jessica Seina – AmeriCorps, Davenport Resource Center
Joraine McKellar – UCSC Human Resources
Tom Helman – Retired Non-Profit Administrator
Doug Williams – Campbell Union School District
Irene O’Connell – Programs Manager at Food, What?!
Mavel Armijo – Retired Educator, SCCCOR, Santa Cruz Community Coaliton To Overcome Racism
Lakia Queen – Student
Faisal Fazilat (Faz) – UCSC alumni, Beach Flats Garden, Santa Cruz for Bernie
Sandra Lee – Baker
Edgar Ontiveros – Outreach & Enrollment for Community Health Center
Queenie Jimenez – Goodwill Industries, Panel member, Santa Cruz Arts. Poets Party, Community Garden Centeer
Maria Ramos – Nurse & Student Midwife, Bilingual Data Collective
Josh Najmi – Student, Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Progream
Mario Guizar – Artist, Project Pollinate
Leonie Sherman – Former Santa Cruz City Council Candidate, 2012
Zachary Wolinsky – PedX Courier & Cargo, Three Americas, Inc. / Network of Bay Area Worker Coops. / CA Center for Co-op Development
Javier Hernandez – Insurance Salesperson for WFG
David Dennis – Co-Founder of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies
Josh Brahinsky – Field Representative for UC AFT, Economic Justice Alliance Board Member
Zav Hershfield
Jimmy Heichel – Salesman for Ashby Confections
Nicholas Whitehead – Retired Journalist, UNA – Santa Cruz Chapter
Lisa Johnson – Nurse assistant for Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Three Americas
Mel Nunez – Shelter Coordinator
Esther Frances – Spiritual Counselor, Pet Care Biz
The Higgins
Trevor Luxon – Lawyer
Dan Phillips – Retired Professor
Tara Magpusao – Holistic Health Coach
Ilana Goldstein – Teacher for Kol Tefillah / Temple Beth EC
Karen Shira Belford – Psychotherapist, Chadeish Yameince Jewish Renewal Congregation
Joshua Hope – Landscapist
Erik Eriksen – Energy Analyst for UCSC, Organizer for Santa Cruz for Bernie
Alain Desouches – Retired, Pachamama Alliance, SCCCCOR, SURJ, YVPT
Anita Heckman – Activist/Artist, Resource Center for Nonviolence
Drew Lewis – Activist, Retired, Vaccine Choice Santa Cruz Co., GMO labeling, Stop Smart Meters Org, SC Sustainable Living Center
Carlie Newlander – Herbalist/Nutrionist
Barbara Joy Templeton – Kin & Unkin Souls, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, 1st NIGHT SANTA CRUZ, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Board of Directors
Len Beyea – Engineering consultantCitizens Climate Lobby, Pachamama Alliance
Josh Volden
Nathan A Kennedy – Santa Cruz City Council Candidate
Suzanne McLean – California Jam Queen, Association of Faith Communities
Abbi Samuels – Software Developer for UCSC, ACLU, Food Not Bombs, Freedom Sleepers
Daniel Daysdale – Organizer
Robert Chacanaca – President of the Monterrey Bay Central Labor Council (MBCLC)
Amy Ascani
Barbara Riverwoman
Sebastian Manjon – ViDA JUICE Inc, Homeless Garden Project
Ernestina Saldana – Disability rights activist
Ted Altenberg – Educator for MetroED (San Jose), ACSA, CUE, ASCD, Smart Solutions to Homelessness (Santa Cruz County), International School-to-School Partnerships
Josiah Martin
Carla Malvini
Sunshine Gibbs
Alene Smith – Activist
Paul J Vogelek
Max Bryer-Bass – Intern for Marriage Family Therapy
Meredy Wells – Volunteer for Food Not Bombs
Bruce Bratton – Radio Host and BrattonOnline, Community Water Coalition
Elena Bermudez – MediCal Claims Representative for Central California Alliance for Health
Keith McHenry – Co-founder of Food Not Bombs
Bill Eilfort – Ed Tech for Avant Assessment LLC
Zeke Bean – Water Resources Supervisor for the City of Santa Cruz
Alex Ptucha – Santa Cruz CBD
Melissa Leung
Luke Broadbent – Musician
Ashley Bouchahine – Admin Assistant
Jason Woznick – Lecturer in San Jose
Scott Renfer – Retired massuse
Jane Yett – Fundraiser, Campus Election Engagement Project
Natalie Dybens – Homeless Services Center
David Bednar – Laserlight Prints
Susan Martinez – Retired UCSC staff
Michael Gasser
Ruth DiMarzio
John Devalcourt
Sheila Carrillo – Retired educator
Devi Tong
Esther Greenburg – RN
Simba Kenyatta – President of the NAACP Santa Cruz
Grant Wilson
Mary Flodin – Writer
Lexi White – Retired
Monica Sinha – Nurse at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford
Phil Rockey
Angelisa Candler – Filmaker for CTV
Pauline Seales
Mark Nepomuceno – Sanitation for Beckmann’s Bakery
Elise Casby – Political Activist, Fundraiser
Bob von Elgg – Graphic Design
Jean Brocklebank
Reed Searle
Jacquy Griffith – Retired Educator
Nate Saucier – Small Business Owner, Quality Web Techie
Franco Picarella – Customer Service Representative for the Santa Cruz Warriors
Mike Urban – UCSC Professor Emeritus
Veronica Urban – Retired
Roland Saher – Retired teacher
Stacey Falls – Teacher for the Santa Cruz City Schools
Emilio Casteneda – Beach Flats Garden Gardener
Grant Wilson
Rachel O’Malley – Professor at San Jose State University
Nancy Abbey – Retired
Chris Niemitz – Mail Carrier for USPS
Marc Franklin
Fred Geiger – Retired
Danielle Glynn – Grad Student at UCSC
Joyce Malone – Retired
Margaret Smith – Retired
Deborah Hill-Alston
Len Beyea – Engineering Consultant
Candace Brown
Miriam Smith – Community Organizer
Dawn Schott-Norris – Teacher
Gail Williamson – Retired
Peter Scott – Retired
Carolyn Israel
Pete Shanks – Editor
Ron Pomerantz
Jane Mio – Retired principal for MBPUSD
Grant Pew
Batya Kagan
Rebecca Bogdan – RN for SCCOE
Marian Gordon – Disabled
Jean Pira – Retired
Mathilde Rand – Retired
Rachel Goodman – Professor of Journalism at Cabrillo College
Rico – Educator/Networker
Adam Spickler – Senior Analyst for the County of Santa Cruz, Human Services Department
Jeffrey Smedberg – Executive Vice President of SEIU 521
Juliana Hernandez – Stay-home mom/Teacher
Marilyn Lucier – Retired Activist
Olivia Martinez – Union Organizer fot SEIU 521
Haydee Guerrero – Teacher for PVUSD
Nicholas Whitehead – Retired Filmmaker
Betsy Ronzano
Glen Schaller
Paul Gershowitz
Canaan Justice Mills – Construction for Joe Bond
Kyle Huttger – Teacher for Autism at The Bay School
Claire Paul – Retired
Victoria Downey – Retired, Santa Cruz City Schools
Sherry Talmage – Retired, Soquel Union School District
Jane Doyle – Retired
Anthony Jespersen – Data Entry and Sales for the Jack Macdonald Vitamin Center
Deborah Lashever – Writer
Jamie Keil – Museum Educator at the Santa Cruz MAH
Elizabeth Flynn – Educator for Cabrillo College
Leila Whittemore
Uriah Shammo-Royer – Student at UCSC
Kristen Petersen
Nancy Lorenzo – Student at UCSC
Alexander Olivares – Student
Dylan Huntzinger – Student
Chloe Miller
Eron Lake – Student at UCSC
Brandon Lake – Student at UCSC
Adora McQuinn
Asante Nkosi – Student
Aneshia Tolliver
Julie Passantino – Student
Adriana Renteria – Coordinator for People of Color Sustainability, UCSC
Tyler Brothers
Cole Kromer
Ingrida Mednis
Debbie Bulger – Retired
Reggie Meisler – Software Developer for MZ
Mark Halfmoon – Photographer
Daniel Spelce – Retired
Sarah Sninsky
Gretchen Schultz – Health Clerk for Santa Cruz City Schools
Pearl Palmer – Massage Therapist
Christian Martinez
Kelly Norris – Nurse at Aegis of Aptos
Ron Goodman – Engineer at Enviance
Mathew Simpson
Beverly Silverman – Rolfer
Nita Hertel
Jennifer Malone-Leonard – Accupuncturist
Andy Hartmann – Union electrician with IBEW 234
Jagjit Chadha
Elaine Kihara – Retired UCSC employee
David Sweet – Retired UCSC employee

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